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This my all-edit blog, and all edits are created by me. So please please please, do not take any of my edits and repost them. And if that’s the case, please credit me in all of my edits. All the edits I create have my username placed on each one somewhere, and it isn’t hard to identify where they are. If you yourself have an editing program, please do not remove the watermark on each graphic you see. It’s not nice at all to steal from others, you know! Now remember, I ship everything, so it won’t just be edits of characters from certain shows. I’ll ship yaoi and yuri pairings, so if you`re expecting a non yaoi or yuri free edits, please don`t complain when you see something you don`t like! I won`t be taking and requests in this account, since I`m barely ever on this account, but you have any questions, feel free to ask away! Please follow this blog! If you would also like to follow my personal blog and my all korean/japanese blog, just check out the blogs link above!

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